Xulane Birth Control Patch Effectiveness to Prevent Pregnancy

Xulane Birth Control Patch Effectiveness to Prevent Pregnancy

There are some ways to prevent you from getting pregnant, and one of them is by using a Xulane birth control patch. It can absorb the hormones through your skin into the bloodstream to stop ovulation when you put them on body. Without ovulation, this means there will be no egg clinging around sperm, so the chance of fertilization will be none. Nowadays, it has helped many people preventing pregnancy. Let’s check on the next section to figure out how this thing works.

How to use it

Before applying the Xulane birth control patch to your body, you need to wash your hands first, so there will be no infection caused by dirty bacteria from your hands. After that, apply the patch to the dry and clean skin on your stomach, the upper part of body, or your buttocks.

Press it smoothly using your hand’s palm for a few seconds, and it will stick for a long time. The location of the patch shouldn’t be the same every day, so make sure to always change it. You also need to pay attention and not put the patch on the injured skin or breasts.

How to remove it

After using it for a few hours and it looks off, you need to change it, and reapply for a new patch soon. If you forgot to replace it for more than two days, you have to use another form of contraception for one week, and then start using the patch daily again. Since you need to change and apply it again every day, you can make a schedule on when to remove them or set a reminder on your phone.

The disadvantages of using it

Not everything can bring perfect results, and so does this patch. There are several Xulane birth control patch side effects that may bring several dangers to your body. Some of them cause serious effects, such as stroke, heart attack, or even death that was caused by blood clots. If using it makes you experience severe pain or sudden problem with eyesight, lungs, or leg, you need to stop using it, and go to the hospital immediately.

Even though it has many benefits, at the end of the day it’s up to you and your partner to use it or not. However, the Xulane birth control patch is still worth considering, especially if you want to prevent getting pregnant.

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