Using Selsun Blue for Ringword Shampoo to Cure the Ringworm

Using Selsun Blue for Ringword Shampoo to Cure the Ringworm

As we know, using Selsun Blue for ringworm has been done for decades now. People do know now that ringworm can infect the skin and basically causing mayhem. The skin is getting discoloration and patches here and there – the worst thing is they are very itchy. This is the reason why getting the cure for ringworm is like mandatory. Here’s how you use the shampoo for ringworm treatment.


Why Selsun Blue Can Cure Ringworm?

The main reason why Selsun Blue for ringworm is perfectly working is because the shampoo product contains selenium sulfide. It is like the substance to soften and remove the ringworm all together. The shampoo can be used without prescription as well, making it widely available, even at the nearest store.


How to Use Selsun Blue to Cure Ringworm?

Using the shampoo as ringworm treatment is basically the same as how to use Selsun Blue for skin fungus. You will have to follow these steps:

  • Clean the affected area properly
  • Squeeze the shampoo into small container
  • Rub the shampoo into the affected area carefully.
  • Let the shampoo dries on the skin for at least 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the affected area with warm water and pat dry the area properly.


How Long Should I Use Selsun Blue for Ringworm Treatment?

Based on the information given by those who have tried using the shampoo as ringworm treatment, the itching and rashes caused by ringworm should be gone in two weeks. This is why many people suggest that this shampoo medication treatment should be done 14 days in a row. This way, the ringworm should be gone for good.


Can the Skin color return after the Treatment?

It is possible for the skin color to return at its original state after the treatment. However, it won’t take the instant effect. The discolored patches on the skin caused by ringworm are not going to be fading away in weeks. Instead, it takes 6 to 12 months for them to completely gone from your skin.

You should always consider going to dermatologist, though. The shampoo is a great way to cure the skin condition. However, dermatologist knows exactly what to do and you should try consulting with them first. Using Selsun Blue for ringworm is proved to be useful for some people, but it does not mean it will 100% work for you.

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