Uenjoy Jeep

Uenjoy Jeep with Electric Battery and Remote Control for the Safety

Kid can learn how to ride with Uenjoy jeep. For your information, Uenjoy is the top company that produces electric ride for the kids between 3 and 6 years old. The jeep design is one of common products in vehicle model. You can choose others; even this company also produces motorcycle and ATV. For more information, read the following section.

Electric kid ride

Uenjoy jeep is electric kid ride which is dedicated for enjoyment and learning. This model adopts Jeep as principal design. You can see the bold and sporty grille with classic Jeep front. Moreover, this model has exactly the same headlight with round shape. As electric ride, this is not vehicle because it’s considered as toy. Parent cannot let the kids ride around this toy without supervision. Energy source uses battery that can last longer.



This toy has manual operation layout specifically for kids. They can do shift gear, gas pedal, and steering wheel. The kids may use pedal and change the gear while driving alongside maintaining the steering wheel. Other features include music, LED headlight, media player from phone, and rechargeable battery. You can recharge battery up to 12 hours, and the kid can continue playing the next day. Besides, this toy has adjustable rear mirror that looks exactly like the real car. Usually, he jeep belongs to SUV or truck which the mirror is in rectangular shape.


Parent control

For safety and parent control, this product has remote control. Parents can keep it in touch directly to what the kids do. The remote control is capable to do override when the kids ride in high speed. This is a part of safety measure that company adds to ensure the kids are out of harm. Even though the speed is limited, the accident might happen if the kids cannot maintain steering wheel properly. Therefore, parent should give the first lesson and use remote control as preliminary learning.

As it mentioned above, the jeep is one of models that uses real vehicle as the design. Parents may choose Uenjoy cars, such as the sport car. For a little bit challenging design, you should try motorcycle. The kids will like riding bike and learn how to control it properly.

Manufacturer uses material that’s completely safe for children. It can last longer due to high quality and durability. Of course, parents cannot let the kids to do something harsh. The remote control ensures this product is in parent control regardless what the kids do. That’s what you need to know about Uenjoy jeep.

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