Long Haired Guinea Pig

The Options of Long Haired Guinea Pig Breeds to Keep

Long haired guinea pig is surely a great pet to keep. They are cute, cuddly, and very tame. They also have amazing appearance, especially when the mane is straight, long, and beautiful. It is not in every guinea pig breed that the rodent is blessed with long hair. There are several particular breeds that are well-known for their long hair. Here are some of the best breeds of guinea pig with long hair and mane.


The most well-known breed for long haired guinea pig is Peruvian. Peruvian guinea pig is blessed with extremely fine and long hair. The hair is commonly straight and covers almost the entire body of rodent. The coat of hair can grow very long, even more than 25 inches. Since Peruvian breed is so easily growing hair, the grooming must be done in daily basis. In the latest trend, the long hair on Peruvian’s head is let to grow long and left to hang over the forehead. It makes the rodent seems like having a gorgeous bang.


This breed is also known as Curlies. As you can tell in the name, the long hair of this breed is curly. However, they are thick and soft; hence making the rodent looks extremely adorable. This breed is believed to be originated from England and has been a quite common pet there. In order to keep the curly hair of Texel looks beautiful, they have to be combed twice a day. It will prevent the curly hair from getting tangled and ruined.


Sheba is an Australian breed of guinea pig. They have extremely thick coat of fur, making them look like a small yak. They are short and cute as well because they love sleeping, like all the time. The appearance of Sheba is extremely cute. It makes them the perfect pet. That is why the most common long haired guinea pig for sale you can find in pet shops must be the Sheba breed.
Well, now that you know there are several common breeds of guinea pig if you prefer the rodent to have hair, you can easily choose any of them to keep. They are all blessed with amazing personality as well. They are active, yet very chilled. Keeping the pet is also not a difficult thing, especially when you love doing the grooming for long haired guinea pig of yours.

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