Guinea Pig Care

The Essential Guinea Pig Care Instructions

Guinea pig care instructions are necessary to be understood by everyone keeping the rodent as pet. Guinea pig is not like any other types of rodent to keep. They are more active and need more attention. In order to keep them happy and healthy all the time, there are a lot of things you will have to do. Here are some of the best advices on taking care of the lovely rodent you keeping as pet at home.
Give Them Their Own Space.

The most essential guinea pig care you need to provide is to give them their own space. Do not mix them up in the same room with your other pet, such as with your dog and cat. The rodents are pretty much like being with their kinds. If you mix them up, they will not feel comfortable and probably affecting their health as well. Buy them their own cage. The cage is pretty inexpensive and great to keep the rodents safe and sound.

Feed Them with Fresh Greens

There are a lot of commercial foods for guinea pig. However, the best foods for the rodent are still the fresh fruits and vegetables. Feed them with kale and many types of fruits. They will love to eat them more than eating commercial pellets that may taste and smell weird. The fresh foods are going to provide more needed nutrition as well for the guinea pigs. This is a necessary guinea pig care for beginners.

Their Cage Needs Daily Cleaning

Because the rodents love to roll around the cage, make sure the cage is cleaned every single day. Replace the litter every day to prevent the rodent from getting covered by their own droppings and their own urine. Also, keep the cage clean by removing everything in it and wash them with water. Do it at least twice a month. If the cage is clean, the rodent will live more comfortably in it. They will grow healthier for sure.
Now, you know how to keep the guinea pig happy and healthy. You can do everything instructed above as soon as possible. They are greatly improving the well-being of your pets. They will grow healthy and surely active. Make sure you know exactly what it takes to keep the pets. If you feel like you do not have the ability to provide the proper guinea pig care, do not keep them as pet.

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