Swollen Ankles and Legs with Red Blotches

Swollen Ankles and Legs with Red Blotches: Is It Dangerous?

Are you having swollen ankles and legs with red blotches? Wondering what causes it? Well, actually this problem is pretty common especially for people that often work standing for a long time. This may look subtle, but once it got frequently and/or is getting worse, it is better to visit your physician as soon as possible.

When it comes to red rashes, most of people will think that it is just a simple problem as insect bites, at least something that goes off after a while. But in this case of swollen ankles and legs with red blotches, there are various causes (etiology) that bring it up. Whether it is a dangerous situation or not, even your physician isn’t sure before examining it further.

Related to your swollen ankles and legs, there are several diagnoses can be made:

Statis dermatitis

Dermatitis itself basically means an inflammation that occurs on the skin. This condition occurs quite common in people with bad blood circulation, and typically it occurs in the lower limbs as blood tend to ‘gather’ there – especially if you stand for too long.

Aside from having swollen legs or ankles, reddish skin (red blotches) and itchiness tag along as additional symptoms. Some venous insufficiency symptoms may also appear, such as calf tenderness and pain, and dull feeling on your legs the more you stand.

This condition can either be considered as something that ruins ‘aesthetically’; because if left untreated, these changes may turn out permanent. Hardening, browning, and thickening of the affected area may occur as well. So, it is great to consult your physician about this condition before it gets too late.


Sprain or other kinds of injuries 

If you are having some ‘accident’ before the swelling and redness occur, then chances are the swelling and that red blotches come as a result of that. If this is what happens, then consulting your condition to your orthopedic could be the best solution.



Having this condition itself is multicausal, meaning that there are many factors that contribute to the swelling, a.k.a oedema itself. Several factors that may develop into oedema are:

  • Sitting or standing for too long
  • Overweight
  • Pregnant
  • Too much natrium intake, which results in water retention
  • Iatrogenic, meaning that the condition is caused by medicines that you are recently taking.
  • Blood clot, etc.

By letting you know about this, it doesn’t mean we teach you to self-diagnose yourself. Always remember that visiting your GP should help in diagnosing this condition accurately. Moreover, the quicker the better, so your swollen ankles and legs with red blotches.

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