Kuranda Dog Bed

Simple Steps on How to Make a Kuranda Dog Bed

This time, we will learn about how to make a Kuranda dog bed. Kuranda Bed is a brand of dog mattress with a unique design, where they named the design with elevated dog beds. As the name suggests, this bed is a stretched cover mattress with a steel frame resembling a hollow casing. However, to make your own, there are a number of things you have to do. Keep in mind that in how to make a Kuranda dog bed, you need maintain the strength of bed cover. You can do this activity as a game with your child or friend.

The Equipment:

  • 10 pieces of PVC pipes with 1¼ inch diameter
  • 3-hole 1¼ inch corner joints with 4 pieces
  • 1 pack of Round head screws # 8
  • Water-resistant cloth, preferably corduroy fabric.

Steps on how to make a Kuranda dog bed:

  • Measure the length of dog’s body and add about 2-3 inches. Make it a benchmark in cutting the cloth and pipe.
  • Connect the pipes to each other using 3-hole joint. Make sure the remaining holes are facing upwards then close the connection by hitting it using a hammer.
  • Insert the foot part into the hole left over from 3-hole joints. Hit again using hammer to maintain the density.
  • To apply fabric, spread it on a flat plane then stack it with frame you have made. Make sure the legs are pointing upwards.
  • Slowly, insert the edges of fabric inside of PVC pipe. Make sure it is not stretched, and each side is straight between each other.
  • After one side feels quite tense, screw the edge of cloth using round head screw. When drilling the screws, the fabric should be tight enough.
  • After placing the screws in the corner, now add 6 more screws to the side of bed to maintain its integrity.
  • After everything is done, test the mattress by putting it on its legs and push the center of the bed gently. If you feel a little instability, manage it by rotating the uneven feet.
  • For final step, test the integrity of cloth by sticking it using a car key. Make sure the bed can hold your dog’s claws.

Now, you don’t have to fear your dog will be cold at night, or wet when it rains. Thanks to the tips on how to make a Kuranda dog bed by yourself, your dog will feel grateful to you.

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