Projectile Spit up Newborn Symptoms and Ways to Help Your Little One

Projectile Spit up Newborn Symptoms and Ways to Help Your Little One

There are so many things that every parent should concern about their little one’s well-being, and projectile spit up newborn is one of them. Although it is common for newborns to spit up after feeding, in some cases it can be a sign of several problem, such as infection on stomach. It can be dangerous if the situation gets worse. That’s why it’s important to understand the root of this problem. Let’s dive into what this problem about is in the next section.

The cause of spitting up

Since newborns still have a vulnerable digestion system, it is normal for them to spit up more often. They will find it difficult to swallow what they eat. As the result, it forces the contents in the stomach to go up to the esophagus. Projectile spit up newborn formula also can be the cause if they got overfed or their body still doesn’t get used to their milk. This will cause the formula to be rejected forcefully from their mouth.

The symptoms

On the normal occasions, projectile spit up newborn occurs when the parents over-feed them. This generally happens during the first weeks of their life and won’t cause any crying. Babies also often spit up after they get lots of milk too fast, and they will burp after they got fed. However, if your babies suffered from heartburn or have difficulty gaining weight, this can lead to a more serious problem, so you should seek medical treatment.

How to help your babies

Although there’s still no way to avoid your babies from spitting up, you can help them by doing several things. Just feed them using bottle feeding in a small amount, so they won’t be overfed. In addition, feed them in a quiet and calming environment to minimize any distractions. Besides, you also need to hold them in an upright position after feeding them, and don’t use tight diapers to avoid putting pressure on their tummy.

Since it’s a common thing that may happen to every baby in the world, you don’t need to be panic. Just keep calm, so your baby will feel reassured. Moreover, help them by putting them to sleep on their back to prevent Infant Death Syndrome. As a parent, it is necessary to always put your best to keep the baby’s well-being, so understanding the cause of projectile spit up newborn is very useful in any situation.

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