Poconos Indoor Activities You Can Do With Utmost Enjoyment

Poconos Indoor Activities You Can Do With Utmost Enjoyment

You have many options regarding Poconos indoor activities. Several places are dedicated for indoor playing, such as waterpark and playhouse. Some people like outdoor activities when visiting Poconos. However, you cannot predict what happen when the weather turns into heavy rain. Therefore, indoor playground is what you should consider for kids.

Indoor Waterpark

Poconos has Indoor Waterpark with complete feature. Kids will like to be in this place. Atmosphere uses normal temperature that prevents the cold. During rainy day, you need to keep in warm temperature while playing. This waterpark has ride, slide, and many activities to enjoy. As parents, you just keep on eye while your kids playing. Furthermore, this place has security and safety support. Therefore, the kids and parents do not need to worry when trying extreme thing.


Casino Theatre

For Poconos indoor activities, you can visit Casino Theatre. This place is dedicated as game center for everything you like. Besides, it has movie theatre if you enjoy watching vintage movie. One thing why this place should be at the top list is retro style with classic decoration. This place looks like you enter the movie theatre in 1950s and 1960s. Even though the style is old, kids will like it due to unique food service. You can order and wait in your house because the food is delivered automatically. That’s why this place should be in your list to visit when in Poconos.


Indian Museum

Kids should know the lesson about history. To explore the past time, Poconos have the right place for such purpose. It is called Indian Museum that contains many collections and artifact related to Indian culture and history. This place provides information since the era before European reached America. Indian Museum also has gift shop. Visitors can purchase replica, apparel, music, books, and many things. Visit this place with your kids to enjoy historical entertainment.


Shawnee Playhouse

Kids like playhouse and you must bring them to Shawnee Playhouse. When asking about things to do in Poconos, Playhouse is at the top list.  This place contains several sets for playing indoor. Kids can enjoy while parent only supervise properly. You have to consider this place if the kids are not suitable in Waterpark. In fact, Playhouse is safer and more enjoyable while playing with others at the same age.

From the list above, each has unique and difference playing style. Active and water-based playing will be in Waterpark. For mind exploration and entertainment, you should visit Museum. Other playing areas are Theatre and Playhouse. Those are what you see on Poconos indoor activities.

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