newborn projectile vomit

Newborn Projectile Vomit and How to Treat It Fast

For some parents, newborn projectile vomit is one of the most worrying things that the children can ever experience. Eating and digestion systems are important parts of a human’s ability, but the ability of some children to absorb nutrients in their foods can differ from others. Sometimes, it even leads to a more serious problem. That’s why it is important to understand the cause and treatment to solve this problem.

The cause of baby vomiting

There are so many causes of why this problem happened, and of them is the newborns may have reflux. Reflux happens when their food pipe muscles have not fully developed yet, and this causes milk to come back up easily. Besides, if you feed them with formula, this problem can occur when you over feed them since they still can’t tolerance that formula. In some cases, overheating can be the root of the problem since newborns are sensitive to heat, and it will make them feel dehydrated.

The symptoms

Even though newborn projectile vomit does not indicate something dangerous, sometimes it can be a sign that the digestion system is experiencing some problems. One of the most common symptoms is when they vomit forcefully after you feed them. However, sometimes they always stay hungry even after vomiting.

In addition, they will be experiencing weight loss, don’t seem to have that much energy, and will constipate more often than regular times. Furthermore, when newborns projectile vomit milk and it turned blue or they went limp, it is best to go to the medical center immediately since this indicates dangerous problems in baby’s digestion system.

How to treat it

There are some ways on how to avoid this problem. First, you need to consider feeding the babies in a small amount, and they need to be held in an upright position. Another thing you can do is by feeding them slowly, since they won’t be able to digest the food quickly with that stomach.

Even though it’s considered normal in the baby’s development growth, you should still take this seriously. When they vomit frequently, the most rational advice is to seek a help by going to the doctor and undergoes surgery. However, it should be noted you can take them to surgery only when they are not dehydrated. Once they are treated, the chance of newborn projectile vomit case is unlikely to occur anymore in the future.

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