Mylanta for Diaper Rash and the Steps of Healing Diaper Rash on Babies

Mylanta for Diaper Rash and the Steps of Healing Diaper Rash on Babies

There are so many results appearing as you are looking for Mylanta for diaper rash. Well, within the first few years of the life of a baby, diaper rash is a significant topic. It can be identified as a rash growing within the diaper region, such as around the thighs and buttocks of the abdomen, genitals, and inside the skin folds. Prevention is the safest cure for diaper rash. The best ways to minimize the chance of this rash are to change damp and soiled diapers regularly and encourage the baby’s skin to dry in between adjustments.

One of the treatments of diaper rash is using homemade diaper rash cream. However, how can you make it? Here are the steps to make the cream. If you follow the instructions carefully, the diaper rash on your baby will be gone completely.


  • Diaper rash cream
  • Corn Starch
  • Spoon
  • Paper towels
  • Spoon
  • Antacid (Mylanta)


  1. Put three spoons of corn starch into a cup; in this case, a plastic cup. Then, take five spoonful of Mylanta and put them in the cup as well. You may want to mix it together until it becomes like a paste.
  2. Clean the rash using paper towels, but not to use alcohol-made wipes. Let the skin dry a little.
  3. Afterward, apply the diaper rash cream to your baby. Later, apply the mixture in the cup above the rash cream.
  4. Change the diapers often and reapply the steps on each diaper change.

Research shows the use of cloth diapers is less frequent when diaper rash is used. To keep your baby drier, use the stay-dry liners inside cloth diapers. Remove highly soiled diapers to keep them apart from other garments. Each diaper is washed with hot water and double rinsed. Do not use cloth softeners because they may be the source of rash or inflammation. That is all you should do in using Mylanta for diaper rash. You can find the ingredients easily in a convenience store nearby. Moreover, those steps are merely a treatment when the inflammation has already been spread. The prevention from diaper rash is still better to do.

In addition, diaper rash is typically resolved with home treatment within two to three days. Give the doctor a call if the rash lasts for longer than 72 hours. If the steps of Mylanta for diaper rash do not work, doctor will give a professional help.

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