Moccasin Athlete's Foot Treatment with 3 Effective Natural Home Remedies

Moccasin Athlete’s Foot Treatment with 3 Effective Natural Home Remedies

A mocassin athlete’s foot treatment doesn’t necessarily to be conducted at a health facility. This common feet skin problem can be treated by implementing a number of home remedies. Some of these solutions can be conveniently accessible at home, while some can be purchased in health food shops. The following discussion will let you know which home treatments that might worth a try.



Garlic has long been utilized medicinally, and this statement is supported by several studies in regards to garlic to be highly effective against certain bacteria and fungi. Even garlic extract is able to exterminate and stop Candida’s growth. Garlic feet soak by using fresh cloves of garlic is the most effortless mocassin athlete’s foot home treatment. You simply need to crush four garlic cloves and add them into a bucket of warm water to soak your feet for around 30 minutes every day for a week.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda 2

Baking soda is an easily accessible item for most individuals. It can also be a convenient way to treat an athlete’s foot. A Mycopathologia study showed that baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, has the capability to stop or kill fungi when appropriately applied to the skin with conditions. To make this moccasin athlete’s foot treatment at home, add around 4 ounces of baking soda in a basin of clean, warm water. Then, soak feet for between 15 and 20 minutes every twice a day.  When you are done, thoroughly dry your feet with a clean cloth, but don’t rinse them with water.

Talc Powder and Hair Dryer

Talc Powder and Hair Dryer

Properly removing the moisture from your feet can help prevent the fungus from growing. Using a hairdryer, you can get rid of the dampness from your feet by drying them correctly with a hairdryer after every bath. Also, make sure there is no excess moisture. However, this method should not be performed by those with a lack of sensation in the foot.

When your feet are thoroughly dry, sprinkle them with talc powder. This product will help you effectively absorb the remaining sweat. Most of the foot powders available in the market are made of the talc that will help you to keep your feet dry. In addition to this moccasin athlete’s foot treatment, frequently wearing socks made of wool, bamboo, or synthetic wicking material will also help you absorb moisture and keep your feet dry.

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