Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalist Kitchen Design For A Large Space

Nowadays, minimalist kitchen design is very popular among modern families, primarily families with a relatively small or medium house. One of a good example of this kitchen design is shown in these pictures taken by Constantin Meyer. This amazingly comfortable and nice kitchen is part of the country house located in Visbek, Germany. According to Designestyle, The kitchen is creatively designed by Reichen Architecths and Danish Company, Dinesen. The kitchen looks very simple without having to lose its practicality and important furniture for supporting the cooking activities.

This amazing minimalist kitchen design starts with the kitchen island selection. Since the kitchen is relatively large enough, so picking a large kitchen is a good choice. Kitchen island is getting very popular because it can serve as a place to cook and a place for having quick meals. If you have a big families , this kitchen furniture is the right option. In the pictures, we see that the kitchen is highly dominated by white color. In this case, having a nice floor design which can give a distinctive feature of the kitchen will not be a bad idea. For that matter, the designer is applying a unique floor design below the kitchen island. It is black-and-white floor tile which highly contrast it with the color of the rest of the room.

If your kitchen is this large, you can have a dining table which can be use for holding a nice family dinner next to the kitchen island. As you can see from the pictures that the designer picks the wood dining table with some white metal chairs. The chairs are equipped with yellow cushion to give a comfortable sitting place. As a final touch, you can install a chandelier above the dining table for its lighting. Hopefully, you find this minimalist kitchen design helpful to inspire your kitchen decoration.

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