Knowing Rash on Baby's Eyelid and Related Information

Knowing Rash on Baby’s Eyelid and Related Information

Rash on baby’s eyelid must have made the baby feel very uncomfortable. However, the common rash on baby’s face is actually not a dangerous thing. It can even heal on its own over time. However, you should still be careful because not all rashes have this characteristic. To some extents, the rash can also be dangerous. You have to be able to recognize it.

The first kind of baby rash on face is eczema. It can appear on the eyelid and even to the eyebrows. Its appearance makes the skin become inflamed and irritated, so the baby will also feel itching. This is quite common and usually experienced by babies aged 6 months to 5 years. Although it’s not too dangerous, the rash can also appear on the elbow area. Things that can be triggers are hot temperatures, detergent incompatibility, allergies to certain types of soap, or dry skin. The way to care for it is to maintain the cleanliness around the baby’s environment, and to keep the skin clean. Moreover, you can also use a baby moisturizer, so the skin doesn’t dry out.

Cradle Cap
This kind of rash on baby’s eyelid occurs on areas of face or head that contain a lot of oil, such as the scalp. This is because there are many hair glands on the scalp that contain oil. However, it can also appear on the eyes, nose and cheeks. This reddish and oily rash is harmless and common in babies aged 6 to 12 months. It can go away on its own, but if your kids feel fussy and uncomfortable, you should take them for treatment. It can be treated with antiseptic and anti-fungal, but the dosage must be based on a doctor’s recipe.

Baby Milia
Milia are a slightly different type of rash. It is white or yellowish in color, and usually 1-3 mm in size. It exists because of the clogged pores of the baby. Milia usually appear all over the face, and it can be dangerous if it also appears in the mouth area as it can make the baby feel uncomfortable when eating.

Actually, there are many other types of rashes such as baby acne, infantile acne, and slapped cheek syndrome that looks like a baby has been slapped. As a parent, you must know the rash symptoms and characteristics. However, you don’t need to panic when facing the rash on baby’s eyelid.

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