Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse that Your Little Girl would Love to Have

Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse that Your Little Girl would Love to Have

Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse is the perfect gift item for your daughter or niece who loves to collect different equipment for their dolls. This dollhouse would allow them to get fun adventures by creating great imaginations during the playtime. This classic styled house has everything from stunning details, pretty design, and modern sleek features. A lot of awesome feature are incorporated such as greenhouse with transparent ceiling, hot tub at the rooftop, and luxurious looking elevator. It even has bedroom light that could be switched on and off and piano with blasting sound for musical entertainment as the light and sounds accessory set.

Bring your kids to the joy of thrilling fun by getting them the Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse. They would be transported and brought into wonderful imaginative journey as they are able to use 24 pieces of furnishing to decorate the mansion. Along with the complete furniture set package, it is filled with both modern and traditional details of design. You would not find an exciting feature such as Jacuzzi at the rooftop on other dollhouses models. The kids will also enjoy the interactive accessories, such as toilet with flushing sounds at the bathroom, piano that produces beautiful song sounds, and lamps that could light up the house endearingly.

Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse reviews

Numerous positive Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse reviews could be found easily. The fact that it is so massive with double balconies, six rooms inside, and 4 level of stories, pleases a lot of its users. It suits best to use for three years old or older due to its small parts to assemble, and tall height so smaller kids might find it difficult to reach the very top parts. It is also recommended more for girls because the design emphasizes a lot on feminine colors such as pink or purple. However, some balanced reviews also said that the plastic materials on the accessories and furniture are felt pretty flimsy.

With over 70 pounds weight, you should take the safety concerns into consideration for younger kids. However, there are also some positive benefits for its extra-large size because it looks like a pricy grand estate dollhouse; even it is retailed at relatively cheap price. The quality gives maximum fun without ripping off your wallet. Beside the Kidkraft Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse there are also other houses models manufactured by KidKraft with various designs, shapes, or sizes with the similarly high quality that definitely would be enjoyed for both girls and boys.

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