Is 101.7 a High Fever

Is 101.7 a High Fever? Factors that You Need to Know

Is 101.7°F a high fever? It depends on several factors. Before going on the topic, you must know that actually we cannot judge right away whether the temperature is high or low. When someone asks you whether a number indicates high or low temperature, the first thing you need to confirm is the temperature unit. You shouldn’t just use assumptions in answering this. Different temperature units will produce different answers.

In answering “Is 101.7°F a high fever?”, you have to look at several sides. Since it is about fever, of course the temperature is shown in Fahrenheit unit. Then, you have to see who this happens to. Check the temperature occurs in which part of the body, and you must know the cause. If you have already knew, you can determine whether this fever temperature is high or low. Let’s take a look.

Who this happens to

Normal body temperature generally ranges between 97° F up to 98° F or about 36-37°C. If 101.7°F°F happens as the fever in adults, actually this body temperature is not really high. It is just about 38.7°C. It is a bit higher than usual, but just warm. At that time, it could be that the affected person’s body is fighting the infection. However, if this occurs in the elderly, it can be quite high because the normal temperature of the elderly in general is 96.8°F. Therefore, if it reaches 101.7°F° F, it could be a signal of pain, so you have to pay more attention.

Then, if this happens to babies, this is something that’s quite natural. Babies often experience it because their normal temperature is higher than adults. In addition, in some parts of body’s curves, such as the armpits, neck, buttocks, or stomach, the temperature of 101.7°F° F is normal.

What might be the cause?

The reasons of this condition also need to be found out, for example when your children have just been exposed to the sunburn. As another example, when you spend hours in the kitchen with various objects like oven or stove, this temperature is nothing to worry about. However, if you or your child is in normal activities, but the body temperature suddenly increases in such a way, then this is questionable and must be investigated.

To sum up, the high or low of temperature depends on certain factors. You have to be sensitive to the factors to answer the question “is 101.7°F a high fever?”

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