How to Stop a Child from Biting

How to Stop a Child from Biting at Daycare and Important Tips that Parents Need to Know

There are a lot of parents asking about how to stop a child from biting at daycare. Leaving a child at a daycare is common these days, especially when both parents have to work every day. However, problems can start appear when the parents get told that their child is biting another child at the daycare. How to stop this and how to tell the child not to bite their friends there? Learn more about it down below.


Saying “No” Firmly

When biting at daycare becomes a problem, you need to tell the child very firmly that biting is wrong. Say “no” to them when they look like they are about to bite other children. Tell them firmly but calmly that biting is not acceptable and that it hurts. Do not appear like you are angry or scolding when telling the child. Just do it as calm as possible. If you are angry at them, it just makes everything even worse.


Distract the Children

Children bite other children probably because they are so bored of what they are currently doing. This is why you should be able to distract them. Lure them with more entertaining activities, like showing them colorful books or new toys. The trick on how to stop a child from biting at daycare here is to take their mind as far as possible from biting their friends.


Move Them Away from Other Children

If the child is getting wilder and start biting each other around, you need to move them away. Set them apart from other children until they are calm. Separating the children will have great effect and put them in calmer mood. This trick generally works for everyone, even for adults.


Keep to a Good Routine

To give the children no chance of biting each other, keep them in a good routine. A professional daycare should have established schedule and routine every day. When the children are busy doing their activity, they won’t get too many chances of being bored and eventually bite their friends.

Whether you are the parents or the daycare worker, you need to know those tips above. Those tips will be so important to keep the young children from biting other kids in the daycare. This is why the methods and tricks on how to stop a child from biting at daycare should be understood by parents and workers at the daycare.

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