Guinea Pig Bath Shampoo as Recommended Products for Your Pets

When you have guinea pigs at home, surely you will need to know about guinea pig bath. This is very important for these fluffy animals, especially when you have the long-haired guinea pigs. When it is the short-haired, usually you do not need to worry about bathing them, unless they are so dirty. In this case, there are some recommended products for bathing guinea pig. These shampoos will make sure that your cute pets are always healthy and clean.

Well, before you know the products, it is better to know the fact that actually these animals can clean their body. They are like cats that can bathe their body, and they always clean the fur. There is also natural oil in the fur that’s important for their health that can be washed out if they are bathed too often. Therefore, it is not recommended to bathe them too often. Well, it is better to bathe the pets once a month. After knowing it, you know that you should be careful in grooming and bathing them. Then, it is time to know the good products to make them clean and comfortable. Let’s check them out.

Kaytee Squeeky Clean Critter Shampoo

For your information, this is one of the recommended guinea pig bath shampoos. It has balanced ingredients that give the good level of pH, so it is totally safe for guinea pigs’ hair and skins. The shampoo is effective to remove various kinds of odor. Yes, it is good solution when you have problems with bad smell on your fluffy animal. Moreover, it is also effective to clean the fur while keeping the natural oil.

That’s Awesome Certified Organic Pet Shampoo

In addition, this one is the next solution of guinea pig bath. The product is also good especially for its ingredients. It has organic compositions which are very suitable when your guinea pigs are sensitive with chemicals. As another benefit, there is also good smell to make sure your lovely pet always gets the nice odor.

Those are some recommendation of good shampoo for guinea pig. They are safe and will not make your pets irritated, even when they have sensitive skins. Of course, you sh

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