Does YAZ for PCOS Works

Does YAZ for PCOS Works? Here is the Explanation

YAZ for PCOS is the method of treatment or drug use that’s widely used. There are so many tips for using drugs that are not in accordance with their main function. Usually, these tips are used because they have been proven effective in dealing with a disease. Sometimes, it is also used because it contains almost the same content as certain types of expensive medicine, so many people recommend it. Through these recommendations, these tips spread in the community. On this occasion, we will discuss the tips on using YAZ drugs for PCOS. We will discuss it from the very basics.

PCOS is a uterine disease in the form of enlarged ovaries. In this case, the ovaries are enlarged due to the presence of small cysts outside it. This happens because of hormonal disorders, and the cause of this hormonal factor has not been found until now. There are two possibilities that can affect it. The first is environmental factors, and the second is a genetic factor. A treatment that’s spreading in the community is to use YAZ. It is also known as the birth control pills for PCOS.

The symptoms of PCOS
As PCOS is characterized by several symptoms, you have to know them to take fast and precise steps. The symptoms that may occur are the obesity, excessive hair and acne, difficulty in sleeping, and infrequent menstruation. Some symptoms are mild, but they may have a severe level which is quite disturbing. If you feel any of those sign, you should go to the doctor to get the medical checkup.

The use YAZ for PCOS
Well, YAZ has proven effective in curing PCOS. Its drospirenone content makes the female sex hormone that causes PCOS to become bound. It also keeps the testosterone and hirsutism levels increasingly measurable. Periodic healing can be obtained by drinking YAZ on the first day of menstruation. Usually, it will heal after about six months.

Despite the benefits in curing PCOS, these pills may not be suitable for all women. There are some women who cannot take the pills because these carry some side effects. Several side effects are including the weight gain, which can lead to the obesity and cardiovascular problems.

That’s the discussion about using birth control pills for PCOS healing. Even though there is no other healing method yet and this method is recommended by many doctors, the use of YAZ for PCOS must still be under expert supervision.

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