Maalox for diaper rash

Does Maalox for Diaper Rash Really Work on Babies?

There are lots of certain tips in caring for babies, and one of them is using Maalox for diaper rash. Actually, it is not widely known, even medically this is not appropriate. However, many people have proven its effect. The diaper rash on babies was proven to disappear slowly with painstaking application. Although not everyone is successful in doing it, now this method is also recommended by baby’s dermatologists as the surefire tips. Do you want to know more about what Maalox is, and how this magic diaper rash cream works? Check the following explanation.

What is Maalox?

For your information, Maalox is a brand of medicine that’s useful for treating stomach acid. Moreover, its main function is to neutralize stomach acid. However, it can also work as a laxative in a certain amount. The main content is aluminum and magnesium as hydrogen oxidizers which can protect the intestines from stomach acid.

How does diaper rash occur?

Meanwhile, diaper rash is a skin disease that often occurs in areas of baby’s skin that are worn by diapers. The shape is reddish and slightly protruding. This can be caused by skin friction, skin that’s always moist, urine or fecal infection, and it can be caused by an allergic reaction. The treatment is usually done by using antibiotics. However, the best way to treat it is by preventing – changing diapers regularly and using the disposable one.

How can we use the Maalox for diaper rash?

In addition, the way to use it is to mix Maalox and Aquaphor in a 1:1 ratio. Mix thoroughly, and make sure no parts are missed. Then, mix the mixture with anti-fungal cream. Use a 1:1 ratio, then the magic cream is ready to use. In the use, make sure you clean the baby’s bottom or any parts that have the rashes first. Make sure the part is dry before applying. After that, you can apply it using a cotton bud. It usually works around 2-3 days. The rash will turn white then disappear slowly.

How can it works?

Actually, the working concept is very simple. The rash occurs due to an acid reaction from bacteria. Meanwhile, Maalox contains magnesium and aluminum which are anti-acid in nature. Here, it will neutralize the acid reaction of the working bacteria. As the result, the rash will clear up and go away. That’s how Maalox for diaper rash works.

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