Colic Remedies for Breastfed Babies, and the Best Way to Help Them Calm

Colic Remedies for Breastfed Babies, and the Best Way to Help Them Calm

Normally, babies cry to express themselves, but if you found their crying is different and more hysterical than usual, you should learn about colic remedies for breastfed babies. Several things can cause your baby to have colic, and until now, there is no cure to prevent this condition. However, as a parent, you are the only one who can calm your children. The information in the next section will help you to understand this matter better.

What makes baby has colic

In fact, there is still no exact theory as to what causes babies to have colic. However, the experts said it may be caused by some troubles in the baby’s tummy. When you are overfeeding or underfeeding them, it will lead to some internal troubles since their digestion system is still not fully developed yet.

Besides, sometimes they also have food allergies from the protein in milk. For a breastfed baby, it can be caused by the food that mom eats. Therefore, they will experience the tummy pain that will lead to the colic.

The symptoms of colic

Generally, the colic symptoms on breastfed babies follow the same pattern. They will cry for at least three hours a day, three days a week and it will continue for three consecutive weeks. They also cry for no particular reason, and they will pull up or move their legs and arms more often.

Sometimes, they also clench their fists and close their eyes or even open them very widely. Well, since they keep crying and screaming, the eating and sleeping activity is also be disrupted since they reject sucking a nipple.

How to treat and calm them down

In addition, there are some colic remedies for breastfed babies you can do, and one of them is to use a pacifier, or rub your baby’s tummy smoothly. Then, try to make the environment more peaceful by using dim light, or keep them safe from other noise by going to a calm room. It will help them to feel more secure.

Even though colic is not a serious disease, it can still make parents feel frustrated since they don’t know how to calm their babies down. It is also difficult to breastfeed the babies because they are crying non-stop, and have no way to tell you what they feel. That’s why it is important to know the symptoms and colic remedies for breastfed babies.

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