Children’s Warts Molluscum

Children’s Warts Molluscum: How to Treat Them Quickly?

Several diseases can affect your little ones, but children’s warts molluscum deserves more attention since they are very contagious. It is a disease that is caused by a virus. It will leave lots of skin rash which take a very long time until they are gone. Even though it is not harmful, parents need to understand the cause and how to treat this disease to protect their children.

The cause
The virus which caused this disease is poxvirus, and it is common to affect children or teenagers. Your kids can get infected if they had skin contacted with people who have this disease or even by touching their bumps. Although it has already become a disease that may spread on every side of the world, people who live in hot and humid environments are more likely to get this virus.

As we know, children can be very active, and they sometimes unknowingly interact with those who are already infected in a place, such as a gym, pool, or playground. Therefore, it is best to advise them to prioritize cleanliness to avoid this disease.

The symptoms
Usually, your kids will have a fever at the beginning of the infection. After that, small and skin-colored bumps will appear on skins, and these will grow larger in a few days. The bumps are soft and can be very itchy – swollen and sore. They can appear anywhere on the skin even on the face, so it affects the appearance.

How to treat them
Generally, children’s warts molluscum can heal on its own without receiving any treatment. The bumps will fully go away and disappear completely for about six or even twelve months. Bringing your children to the doctor might help more. Doctor will give a medicine on the bumps to help them disappear faster. However, many experts don’t recommend this method since it can cause burns, stains, or even make the skin has the scars. The best way for children’s warts molluscum treatment is to wait for them to disappear, and only use the cream to make the bumps less itchy.

Although it is not a harmful disease, you should still be careful when your children get it. Just help them avoid this disease by advising them to wash their hand more often, use their towels or clothing, and don’t touch other people’s bumps. By doing this, it will help to minimize the chance of children’s warts molluscum.

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