Bookshelves For Living Room

Bookshelves For Living Room : An Idea For Creating Creative Spaces

You will always be able to decorate every room with books for its interior ornament, for instance, by installing bookshelves for living room at you house. Books are not only the source of knowledge, but they can also be interior ornament which makes the room looks good and comfortable. Books can also bring a friendly atmosphere into the room, regarding to some design experts. Because of that, books are commonly used for coffee houses’ design. You can also do it for your house.

One of the perfect example of how bookshelves for living room can be nicely installed is what you can see from the pictures taken by Fran Parente. This cozy living room belongs to a 30-square-meter apartment located in Curitiba, Brazil. The room is designed by an artistic home designer named Leandro Garcia. What steals our attention the most is how the designer can apply the bookshelves as a substitute for the wall. That is a brilliant idea since, that way, you can save some spaces and of course your budget. By applying this technique of architecture, you will also make your living room looks different from the rest of the rooms at your house.

As you may see from the pictures, the designer is creatively giving some spaces in the middle of the bookshelves for a door which connects the living room and the bedroom. Another thing that we can learn from this room design is the color selection. The bookshelves are painted white since this color has a capability of making the room look visually bigger than it actually is. Since this apartment in relatively small in size, so this is a good idea to apply. You can put a nice sofa next to the bookshelves to sit on when you enjoy your books. In the end, applyingbookshelves for living room can be a creative and refreshing idea to live up your room.

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