baby spitting up curdled milk

Baby Spitting Up Curdled Milk: How to Overcome It?

Usually, new moms will definitely be panic when her baby spitting up curdled milk. Even, experienced parents can face the same condition. This occurrence makes them think the baby is sick or allergic to the milk. Even worse, some people diagnose the baby to be poisoned. Is that true? Should you take a baby that vomits condensed milk to the doctor right away?

Well, do not worry when facing baby spitting up curdled milk as it is a normal thing which happened to a baby. One thing you have to know, babies are often spitting up white chunky milk. Often times, this happened after feeding. Based on science, in general the condition happens because the esophageal valve in babies has not fully expanded. This makes easy for what they eat or drink to come back out of the upper digestive tract. The question is: why is it thick and don’t have the same texture like what they drink? Well, it is because there is a mixture of acidic liquid.

As the other reason, your baby might be too full. Just like an adult, if you eat too much, your stomach will be full. Then, if you keep eating in a full state, it can cause vomiting. That’s what happened to your baby when you are breastfeeding too much and too often. Most mothers think when the babies cry, it means they are hungry and ask for breastfeeding. Eventually, it made them feed the babies every time they cried.

Well, the solution is to not overfeed. Your baby has a tiny stomach, so you must know the ideal time to feed. Usually, it is about 3 to 4 hours for once. Just measure the size of baby’s stomach. It is recommended to use a teat bottle, so you know how much they drink. You can balance the size of bottle with the stomach. Hold the bottle close to the baby’s stomach. If both are in the same size, do not make it full because it will make the baby to be satiate. It is recommended to use the size of  ¾ bottle.

Hopefully, the information above can help you to understand this condition. If the baby vomits the milk in reasonable amount, you can use the tips above. However, you must be careful and seek a doctor’s help if the baby spitting up curdled milk a lot and it happens continuously.

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