Baby Guinea Pigs Shampoo

Baby Guinea Pigs Shampoo that’s Safe for Your Cute Babies

Baby guinea pigs are so cute, so you may need baby guinea pigs shampoo for their treatment. The animals look so cute and fluffy, especially when you have the long-haired guinea pigs. However, longer hair or fur can be tricky since there may be parasites and bugs living there. Yet, you should also be careful since guinea pigs are quite sensitive with bathing, especially when they are still baby. That’s why it is important to know the good products of shampoo when you have to bathe them. 

It is true that usually guinea pigs do not get bathed too often. It is because they have their own method to clean their body. They are like cat which are able to wash the fur. Moreover, there is important natural oil in the fur and skins that will protect them. Well, this is necessary for their health. Therefore, some owners only bathe them once in a month. For the case of baby guinea pigs, you should be more careful since they are also sensitive. If necessary, you can consult to the vets. When they already say so, it is time to know the recommended baby guinea pigs shampoo.

Bodhi Dog Oatmeal Shampoo

It is actually good shampoo for dogs and cats. However, it is also good for guinea pigs since they have similar characteristic in term of fur or hair. The shampoo has natural composition that will make your baby guinea pigs always clean and in good health. The smell is also nice. Of course, this is recommended baby guinea pigs shampoo to deal with the parasites.

Arm and Hammer Tearless Guinea Pig Shampoo

Different from the previous product, it is specifically dedicated for guinea pigs. The shampoo is great for your pets since the composition will give good smells for pet and these will not make them stressed. Moreover, it keeps the fur and skin of the pets, so the oil will not be fully cleansed. Yes, they will always be in good condition.

These two shampoos can be your good solution when you have to clean and bath your fluffy pets. They are cute, but you should also pay attention to their health even if they are still baby. Of course, you should get the recommendation from vets since there are some conditions where the babies do not need to get bathed. Once you get the recommendation, you can use baby guinea pigs shampoo. 

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