Artas Hair Transplant Cost, Result, Pros and Cons, and Anything about It

Artas Hair Transplant Cost, Result, Pros and Cons, and Anything about It

Now, let’s talk about Artas hair transplant cost, benefit, result, pros and cons, as well as other things related. Artas is a hair transplant technology. This one is robotic-based technology with a very sophisticated algorithm system. Its main use is to deal with hair loss, so you can get your hair back. It works for both men and women. Let’s go into more detail about Artas robotic hair transplant.

The cost
You may ask about Artas hair transplant cost. Well, the price is quite expensive for the size of hair transplant machine, especially when it is compared to several similar brands. If other brands are priced as high as $10,000, this one has a price tag of up to $18,000. However, you don’t have to buy it for a hair transplant because you can just go to the professional service. You only need to pay $7,000 up to $7,900 for it.

The result
The main benefit from using this technology is you get the result in shorter time, both for the treatment and hair growth process. In addition, with more advanced algorithmic technology, of course you will get the satisfaction with hair growth like your natural hair.

It only takes 6 months for new hair to grow. Just like a plastic surgery, this treatment also takes time to work optimally. However, the “beauty is pain” applies to this treatment. In the period of one day up to one week after the process, you may experience swelling and a little pain in the scalp. After the swelling is gone, the donor hair will start to shed itself out. Then, in the fourth to sixth months, new hairs will greet you and continue to grow. However, as you get older, this hair can fall out again.

Pros and cons
The pros of this technology are you feel the less noticeable pain caused by anesthesia, the process leaves no scars, the hair grows like your natural hair, and the treatment is faster than manual transplantation.

Meanwhile, for the cons, the treatment must be supervised by experts, and it cannot be done at home. Second, if the procedure is not appropriate, the results will be bad, and even result in failure or damage. Third, it has a side effect of inflammation.

This technology may be needed by many people. However, don’t do it without consulting to the expert first. The explanation above is just a glimpse about Artas Hair Transplant cost, result, as well as the pros and cons.

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