ABCya Pre K and Various Games to Play Comfortably

ABCya Pre K and Various Games to Play Comfortably

For kids, there are many interesting games, and ABCya Pre K is one of them. This game is perfect choice when you have kids and you want to them keep learning even if they are playing games. In this case, the games from ABCya! are not common games. These are not only for entertainment, but these games are interactive and educative, so you can keep accompanying your kids while playing and learning at the same time.

The platform is easy to access. You can use your PC and access the website from the browser. When you want to get easier access, you can use the app. The platform has provided application for both Android and iOS, so it is easier to access the games in the platform and it can be more interactive. Regarding the games in the ABCya! Preschool program, there are some options to choose.


Word game

The first option is word game. The word games are presented in some options. For example, it can help your kid to identify his or herself by answering some question in the game.  This is good way to introduce words and alphabets.


Math games

Learning will never be complete without mathematics. However, the game will not make the kids afraid of the math. In fact, this will be good way to help your kid to love the subject. They will get some options of math games.


Holiday game

There are also some sets of holiday games in the ABCya Pre K. These are thematic games. Each game has different theme based on certain holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Winter Season.

These three categories are not only the options to have. There are also some good collections of games to sharpen skills, such as game to make cakes, decorate trees, and other practical skills. They are fun activities to have in the game. Then, it is actually not only for the preschool program. There are still other programs to choose based on the age of kid. With different category, the games will have different level of difficulties with other kinds of variations.

Although there are many great games, actually the accesses of platform are basically free. In other word, you do not need to pay when you want to play the game. Whatever the platform to choose is, you will still get free access. However, the platform also provides more benefits for those who want to get the premium access. There will be more games and attractive activities from the ABCya Pre K.

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