A Deep Lichen Green Living Room Idea

A Deep Lichen Green Living Room Idea

If you are decorating your living room or looking for a nice idea for your living room decoration, maybe you should try this deep lichen green living room by RD Rice Construction. You can see that the living room is perfectly arranged in such a way that will not only accomodate a lot of people, but also your art collection. The pictures are taken by RD Rice Construction from a private residence located in New York. The design and decoration are also created by RD Rice Construction. Without being too much, this living room design is perfect for every families.

One thing that is very interesting form this deep lichen green living room design is the color balance of the room. We can see that the room is dominated by deep lichen green color, but not too much! The key point that we can learn from is how the designer is trying to dividing the main color and the supporting color selection. As you can see from the pictures, the sofa and the floor carpet are deep lichen green, but the rest is not. Let the coffee table stay neutral by taking a wood one.

This table will work to neutralize the lichen green dominance in the room. Another supporting color is the wall paint. Every walls are painted white to brighten the living room. This is substantial since deep lichen green is quite dark and you need some other colors which can adjust the brightness of the room. Another interesting lesson we can take from this design is how the designer is trying not to take the same sofa for every spaces. In fact, there are three kinds of sitting place, which are sofa, armchairs, and white leather ottoman. This way, your deep lichen green living room is not going to look boring at all.

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