About the Helm

The Helm is a new progressive art space co-owned by Peter Lynn and Sean Alexander. Located at 760 Broadway in downtown Tacoma on Antique Row, the space will feature a monthly show rotation of local and international artists. Openings will be held on the third Thursday of every month during art walk. In addition the space will be used as a general meeting hall, performance space, music venue, and reading room. The Helm aspires to be in constant dialogue with local community members and is always seeking new ideas that are worthy of approaching from both artists and non-artists.

Our mission is to become a useful arts institution. We believe that existing for the education and beautification of our immediate area is the most logical way of doing this. We plan on organizing programs that offer artists new ways of interacting with the public and vice versa.

The Helm is always accepting portfolios and submissions in any form (written, pictorial, oral). We will be honest with you about our opinions of your work/idea. Be open to criticism. For more information about submissions email info@thehelmgallery.com.