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Squeak and Squawk

10 July, 2018 | Uncategorised

 Oh yes, The Helm will be hosting its very own music festival.

The Squeak and Squawk is a five day, multiple venue music festival that will take place from Thursday, October 16 until Monday, October 20th. The lineup features a handful of national touring acts, up and coming northwest talent, established local bands and groups formed by local high school students. A large variety of different sounds are represented in the lineup, although all of the bands fit within the indie rock, pop, and experimental genres. The Helm has organized this festival to function as an indicator of the strength of the local independent music scene. We hope, by putting together a music festival that is more elaborate than anything else that is currently happening in the South Sound, to establish a new relationship with musicians practicing in Seattle, Portland, and beyond. We believe Tacoma is a great place to play music and that our reputation on the outside as a “dangerous” and somewhat “worthless” community is long overdue for change. Fixing this misconception will aid the local art and music community in its quest for growth. We offer Squeak and Squawk as one of the more innovative music happenings in the northwest. (all ages shows starting 6PM at The Helm, 21 and over 9PM at The New Frontier, two Free Sets and The Monsoon Room, open air cello set in Wrights Park)

-The Helm

Lineup Includes:

Evangelicals (oklahoma)
The Dutchess and the Duke (seattle)
The Portland Cello Project (pdx)
The Dead Science (seattle)
Calvin Johnson (olympia)
T.V. Coahran (seattle)
New Faces (port townsend)
Your Heart Breaks (seattle)
Talbot Tagora (seattle)
Lake (olympia)
Photosynthesis (anacortes)
Quinn Deveaux (oakland)
The Mona Reels (olympia)
Why I Must Be Careful (pdx)
hanari Nannon (seattle)
The Kindness Kind (seattle)
Flexions (seattle)
Temple Vibe (seattle)
Charles Leo Gebhardt the IV (seattle)
Desolation Wilderness (olympia)
Powernap (pdx)
Birdwatchers United! (seattle)
and a few undertermined others.

Domestics: (at least one in every show)
The Elephants
Paris Spleen
The Drug Purse
Makeup Monsters
Don’t Tell Sophie
Mercy Pirates
Freeze and Fur Coat
Trans Union
more undetermined.